shutterstock 71188099 Facebook set to become third largest country in the world!

If recent reports are to be believed, the largest social networking site in the world is set to register 1 billion users in August this year. While Facebook is not growing rapidly in either Europe or the USA, countries like India and Brazil – with only small percentages of their populations on the social network – are set to bolster this growth. The last 9 months have seen Indian and Brazilian Facebook membership rise drastically, 66% and 135% respectively.

India and Brazil set to fuel the growth

“Both are large countries with millions of potential users who have yet to sign up to Facebook,” iCrossing senior analyst Gregory Lyons wrote in a blog post. “With only 3 per cent of India’s population on Facebook and 16 per cent of Brazil’s (compared to 49% of America’s population or 47% of the UK’s population) countries such as these will clearly contribute heavily to Facebook’s continued growth.”
The graph presented by UK digital marketing company iCrossing, highlights the relative halt in membership rates as of late. With nearly 800 million current users on Facebook, the network is set to see an additional 200 million by mid-year.

Social networks set to grow in 2012

“Using a process of linear regression on the data from the end of 2008 onwards, we expect Facebook to hit a billion active users around August 2012. Looking at the data from 2006-mid 2008 it looks like Facebook was growing at an exponential rate, however more recent data suggests it’s growing in a linear fashion,” Lyons further added.
Other social networking mediums such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are also expected to see drastic increases in membership. Twitter coming in a distant second at the moment with over 300 million users. Google+ and its current 60 million user base is set to see a stupendous increase in the coming year (given the much-hyped social search feature).

 Facebook set to become third largest country in the world!

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