If you are looking to buy a tablet in the 7-inch range and are confused as to which one to buy, just wait for some time. A smaller version of the Apple iPad is all set to be launched soon. Apple has not yet made any official announcement but rumors suggest that the ‘iPad Mini’ will be unveiled in the second half of October. Well, going by the accuracy of rumors about the iPhone 5, speculations about the mini iPad, its price and features, might all prove to be correct. Here are 5 reasons why the smaller iPad could become the best selling tablet ever.

Portable design

The mini iPad is rumored to have a 7.85-inch screen. This will make it lighter and easier to use and carry. The screen size will be ideal for operating the tablet on the go. You’ll be able to read e-books, play games, and do lots of other stuff using just one hand.

Lower Price

The mini iPad will be priced lower than the present generation of iPads that have a 9.7-inch screen. What this means is that the new tablet will have a wider reach in terms of the market share. More and more people who wanted to buy the 9.7-inch iPad but couldn’t afford it will go for the mini version. The smaller iPad will most likely have a huge market in the developing countries

Increasing demand for the 7-inch tablets

According to a report by analytics company IHS, the demand for 7-inch tablets will continue to grow in 2012. Total tablet shipments are expected to increase by 56 percent from 82.1 million in 2011 to 126.6 million in 2012. Of these, the 7-inch tablets will account for around 41.1 million units. The robust demand will result in higher sales for the mini iPad.

It’s an Apple product

A new Apple product always creates a buzz in the market and the expectations are quite high. The company is an industry leader with many innovative products to its credit. The design and features of the mini iPad coupled with its lower price are sure to make it the best seller. Apple must be hoping to make the best out of the approaching holiday season with the smaller iPad and iPhone 5.

New features

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White believes that the smaller iPad will be even better than the present models and will have new features. According to White,

“Apple did not skimp on the aesthetics of the much anticipated iPad Mini. In fact, we believe the iPad Mini could outshine the new iPad in terms of how the device feels in a consumer’s hands.”

The mini iPad will be a design masterpiece without compromising on the performance. This would translate into Apple selling millions of the smaller iPads.

 5 reasons why the mini iPad could be the best selling tablet

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