Yet another milestone has been crossed by the medical fraternity and this time there’s literally hope for all those with a weak heart. So take heart. Dr. O.H. “Bud” Fraizer and Billy Cohn have devised an artificial device that can replace the human heart and successfully provide a continious flow of blood throughout a biological body and that too, without any pulse.

The most amazing part about this device is the complete deparature from the traditional method of trying to replicate the biological heart model whenever an artifical heart is being developed. Both Fraizer and Cohn took a LVAD (left-ventricle assist device) and have tried to transform it into a complete heart transplant device. The device consists of a single moving part, alongwith a 10,000 rpm magnetic turbine that is controlled by  electrical currents that run through the device. This means that as long as the VAD gets its dose of electrical current so long will the blood continue to flow throughout the body. However, there’s no pulse that’s generated for the blood flow and obviously, it would take some time for your spouse to get used to it in case she’s familiar with hearing your heartbeat in the darkness.

 A 10000rpm turbine pump replaces the human heart

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