The writing’s on the wall or should one say, on your computer screen. You can run and hide, but can never escape the perview of the all-pervading Big Brother any more. As the lines blur between our digital and real lives and we increasingly spend more time online everyday, draconian laws like the recently debated Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) are out to forcibly brand you as a criminal based on your online activities.

Seemingly the loud protests seems to have died down over the last couple of weeks but the threat to free speech and freedom of the Internet still remains. In fact the author of SOPA, Representative Lamar Smith has been smart enough to clothe his authoratative Act in the garb of a more people friendly avatar, the PCFIPA that stands for “Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers”. Needless to say, this bill over rules all existing laws and give U.S Marshals far-reaching powers to track every single online activity of 99.762% of the US population.

So rather than a law that would curb online child pornography, this bill has all the making of a tool that can be used by the authorities to not only regulate the Internet but possibly create a database of every American who has been online sometime in the last 18 months!

 How using the Internet may make you a cyber fugitive soon

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